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Kenny Verhage & Associates Attorneys & Conveyancers
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About Kenny Verhage & Associates

Unlike a number of other leading Law firms, Kenny Verhage, personally commits to attend to every client’s legal needs - whether it be a simple legal opinion, the drafting of a Will or a more complex contract, to High Court litigation, Conveyancing and International Law.

Kenny has been a high-stakes attorney for many years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas in which he specialises.

Added to this, Kenny has a wide-ranging global network of legal experts and collaborators on whom he can call, as and when required. Kenny’s team of highly trained and hands-on Associates ensure that all your legal needs are attended to quickly, efficiently and cost effectively – all under the watchful eye of Kenny himself.

Kenny Verhage with "Mr Oprah Winfrey" - Stedman Graham